The Fourth Reich

by Impurity of Mriya

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released February 11, 2012

Shane martinez, Izzy rodriguez, Jackie santamaria



all rights reserved


Impurity of Mriya Las Vegas, Nevada

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Track Name: Collisions
Created image of a false god
Crimson painted skies hailing ashes
Belial descending upon man
Everyone is dead, Everyone is.. DEAD!.

Buildings burning up. Nothing will be.
A war for everyone, One so ever lasting.
Everyday we are born, We adjust to slavery.
Executing bravery, It's a sentence we cannot escape.

Everyday we are fucking born, We assume slavery.
We pay the tab for everyone.

You don't want them, You don't let them live.
You don't want them to return. (X2)
So fuck them all.

Monuments served as homes, Bled before the slaves.
Everything else, Anything goes.
Let's Begin

For all that's sick, For all that's died.
I will slay, I will fight.
According to me, God has died.
I will Bleed, I will burn.

This is the day of the fucking hostile,
After today I'll be fucking exiled.

This is the day.........
Track Name: Paradigm of Machine ft. Dan from Colossal
Severance of the federal state
Laws gilded in fallacy
Stricken down to the ground
Failed attempts to oppose thee

Origins of endings
Dead future

Darkness scorns the empty roads
Where life no longer thrives
Blood splatter marks reality deprived

Looking forward for one last chance
The strong arm of resistance
Defying state of high degree
Paralyzing fear consumes me

No longer will we the people be oppressed
No longer will a corrupt government
Manipulate inhabitants
And bend its structure

The blood of the innocent
Paradigm of machine

Execution, inhumane rights
For our freedom, we will fight

Lives held in expense
The looming time to awaken
A chasm of hopelessness
The end to all ends

Consciousness is wasted
Artificially created.
Track Name: The Fourth Reich ft. Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution
Dearth is the catalyst to spread the disease
Putting a vice on man's prolonging

The Chosen, Elitist
Imperialism in true form

The rise of diminishing
Cerebral depth in decline

Created, systematic, calculated scheme
Servitude is imposed by the one percent
Suited forked tongue spitting every law

The rise of diminishing
Cerebral depth in decline
A tyrannical face emerges
Bearing its grasp on the planet

Mechanical squadron occupy the streets
Arm bands of a flag red white and blue

We are the fourth
Fourth Reich

This dawning of a new era
The bane of justice and liberty

False idols spawned from deceit
Necrotizing all of your hopes and your dreams

Composed of great hypocrisy
A vicious circle of lies
Monetary prophecy
All opposition will die

Slowly the dark mist rises
Exposing a cold and bleak forthcoming

Blinded from all light
Gray skies start to set in
The binds of eternity
Pave destruction.
Track Name: The Malevolent
The rich empowered fucking suit and tie
Is the reason we have to die

They follow one so called entity
A fucking shadow with a blatant identity
With no end to their greed
Quenched by all, all that bleeds
They feed, They feed
They feed on agony
No stopping, No stopping
No stopping the apathy
So by now it should be evident
This is the rise of the malevolent

Free killing always justified
Did away with those who testified
The only key to undoing their chains
A fucking bullet sent right through the brains

The average eyes cannot see
What They See
What They See
One never knows where they
Just Might Be
Just Might Be

No way to take heed
No path to make leave
Roads flood when they bleed

There is no essence that solely empowers you
Those who defend you will be devoured too
The lower learning fucking generation
Is the only key to saving this nation

So as it rose, (it will fall) It will fall
Trapped inside, Collapsing walls

The Malevolent
Track Name: Entropy
Arcane script
Frame text of tainted sermon
Darkened faith
Reflect sadistic action

Slay all the progeny
Now succumb to thy will

Legions upon horseback team through the night
Bloodlust driven like that of wolves

Barren wasteland is their forefront
Rivers of gore suffocate all enclave
An oath of flesh, sacrifice of blood
A megalomaniacal display of inhumanity

Unnerving shrill screams pierce the amber skies
Charred remains embody burnt ruins

Hands of wrath choke sanity
A clawing voice echoes in me
Shallow thought for shallow graves
Vindictive, wretched, depraved

Heretics line the gallows
No sound so hollow as splitting marrow

Bow before pseudo dogmatic oppression
Tools of war orchestrate genocidal aggression

Blade upon blade making sweet melody to my ears
Adrenaline rushing
Swiftly pumping
Coursing through my veins

Matyrdomizing chosen race of being
Retrospection provides truth
All action reoccurring now